TypeScript & Azure DevOps – ToolRunner


As you may notice, I’m a huge fan of TypeScript and I’m really proud to be an active developer of the Paris community. I love TypeScript because this langage is awesome and it works great with Node.js. Most of the time, I teach TypeScript to other developers and I always try to do my best to impart my passion for this langage. On another hand,¬†as a Microsft PFE, I don’t have a lot of time to build softwares… That’s why I spend some of my personal time to build open source projects.

TypeScript can be used with many SDK to create usefull stuff for the community. Good examples are Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps extensions. Both are my favorites Microsoft’s tools. I want to learn Rust this summer, unfortunately Azure DevOps doesn’t support this langage, so I decide to build a dedicated extension (available here). It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the Azure DevOps task library and the ToolRunner!

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