Programmez! #219 – TypeScript


Programmez! magazine is out!IMG_20180903_102644

This second part of my TypeScript serie is dedicated to abstractions, interfaces and generics. The article was really complex to write… This kind of concepts can be consider by senior developers as simple, but when you need to explain that in few words, it’s a pain! To be honest I’m really proud of this one and i had greet feedbacks about it.

Next article will be available in july and it will be the last one for this serie. I’m working on it right now and I hope readers will enjoy it 🙂


TypeScript & Cucumber – Getting started


In february, I did a presentation with my friend Julien Pavon at Paris TypeScript meetup on Behavior Driven Development. It was really great to talk about this methodology and feedbacks from attendees were really constructive. We explained what is BDD and how to use it with TypeScript. To prepare this speech, I used the new version of Cucumber.js (one of the most popular BDD framework). To be honest I found that previous Cucumber versions have some issues but the version 4 fixes a lot of them… It’s now really better and I have to admit that I love this version! Let’s take a look on that 😉

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Blog migration – TypeScript focus!


It has been a long time since I wrote technical posts. So much time that my posts were completely outdated… Last weekend I decided to migrate my blog and translate every post in english. To be honest it was easier to remove all the previous technical contents instead of translate them!

A page has been turned, I have now a strong engagement as a field engineer on TypeScript, especially with the Paris community and Microsoft customers. It’s time for me to stop using my old friend C# on my private time. I will now only focus myself on TypeScript.

In the next few weeks, I will push some articles on Inversify, Cucumber, Node.js, Express and VSTS.

Stay tuned!