Programmez! #221 – TypeScript


IMG_20180903_105258The last issue of Programmez! magazine is out.

It contains the last part of my serie on TypeScript. It’s really a huge one with some complex concepts like: Modules, Promises, Async/Await and Decorators.

Of course it’s an overview, because it’s near impossible to write a deep dive article on those concepts in just 4 pages!

It’s was really a great experience and to be honest I really enjoyed it 🙂

Programmez! #219 – TypeScript


Programmez! magazine is out!IMG_20180903_102644

This second part of my TypeScript serie is dedicated to abstractions, interfaces and generics. The article was really complex to write… This kind of concepts can be consider by senior developers as simple, but when you need to explain that in few words, it’s a pain! To be honest I’m really proud of this one and i had greet feedbacks about it.

Next article will be available in july and it will be the last one for this serie. I’m working on it right now and I hope readers will enjoy it 🙂