Little Big Event #1 – Types everywhere!


Last Thursday, I was at Clermont-Ferrand in France to talk about the TypeScript type system. It was a special event organized by Mug In Clermont, LavaJUG and Clermont’ech.

During my talk, I explain what is TypeScript and how it works. I also did a live coding session to demonstrate how to use type concept like Intersection, Union, Guards, MappedConditional  and infer. To be honest I don’t really do a lot of live coding sessions because I don’t like demo effects, but it’s near impossible to explain those concepts with just slides… and it was fun actually 🙂

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There were a lot of developers during this event, the Clermont community is really active and friendly. It’s probably one of the best community event I did this year, thanks to organizers for the invitation, hope I can comeback later!

As always slides are available on Speaker Deck here. Also, live coding sources are on Github.

Criteo Meetup – MediatR


Yesterday I gave a talk at Criteo Labs meetup about MediatR, a library built by one of the most inspiring C# developer: Jimmy Bogard.

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I demonstrated how to use MediatR to implement the CQRS pattern in a Microservice built with Asp.Net core. I used CQRS a lot and it’s definitely a great pattern, it increase maintainability and organisation of your projet. If you like Domain Driven Design, it’s a great way to focus your development on domain representation & logic.

Slides are available on Speaker Deck here.

DevFest Paris 2019 – TypeScript: Why? When? How?


Last Friday (8th, February 2019), I talked about TypeScript at DevFest Paris 2019. This presentation is an updated version of the one I did at Microsoft Experiences 2018 with my mate Félix Billon.

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It was really a fantastic event with a lot of great speakers and topics. I met a lot of amazing developers. We also had a lot of interesting feedbacks on our session TypeScript: Why? When? How?. I really want to thank you all for that, it helps us to improve our speech! The speaker dinner was also a good time and it was the first time I shared a meal with some Google engineers 🙂

Slides can be find on Speaker Deck here.




Paris TypeScript #17 – Functional Programming with TypeScript


Yesterday, during Paris TypeScript meetup, I talked about Functional Programming with TypeScript.

It was an introduction on Functional Programming basic concepts and it’s definitely not a common topic in the TypeScript community, a lot of developers still using OOP only with the language. To be honest this talk wasn’t the easiest I made, because it was the first time I try to explain Functional Programming to other developers. But it was really intresting and I share a lot with other people on Functional Programming.

I really enjoy this paradigm and how it helps developer to implements safe piece of code in a software! That’s why I’m starting to talk about it 😉

As always my slides are available on Speaker Deck!

Programmez! #221 – TypeScript


IMG_20180903_105258The last issue of Programmez! magazine is out.

It contains the last part of my serie on TypeScript. It’s really a huge one with some complex concepts like: Modules, Promises, Async/Await and Decorators.

Of course it’s an overview, because it’s near impossible to write a deep dive article on those concepts in just 4 pages!

It’s was really a great experience and to be honest I really enjoyed it 🙂

TypeScript & Azure DevOps – ToolRunner


As you may notice, I’m a huge fan of TypeScript and I’m really proud to be an active developer of the Paris community. I love TypeScript because this langage is awesome and it works great with Node.js. Most of the time, I teach TypeScript to other developers and I always try to do my best to impart my passion for this langage. On another hand, as a Microsft PFE, I don’t have a lot of time to build softwares… That’s why I spend some of my personal time to build open source projects.

TypeScript can be used with many SDK to create usefull stuff for the community. Good examples are Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps extensions. Both are my favorites Microsoft’s tools. I want to learn Rust this summer, unfortunately Azure DevOps doesn’t support this langage, so I decide to build a dedicated extension (available here). It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the Azure DevOps task library and the ToolRunner!

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