Little Big Event #1 – Types everywhere!


Last Thursday, I was at Clermont-Ferrand in France to talk about the TypeScript type system. It was a special event organized by Mug In Clermont, LavaJUG and Clermont’ech.

During my talk, I explain what is TypeScript and how it works. I also did a live coding session to demonstrate how to use type concept like Intersection, Union, Guards, MappedConditional  and infer. To be honest I don’t really do a lot of live coding sessions because I don’t like demo effects, but it’s near impossible to explain those concepts with just slides… and it was fun actually 🙂

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There were a lot of developers during this event, the Clermont community is really active and friendly. It’s probably one of the best community event I did this year, thanks to organizers for the invitation, hope I can comeback later!

As always slides are available on Speaker Deck here. Also, live coding sources are on Github.

Criteo Meetup – MediatR


Yesterday I gave a talk at Criteo Labs meetup about MediatR, a library built by one of the most inspiring C# developer: Jimmy Bogard.

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I demonstrated how to use MediatR to implement the CQRS pattern in a Microservice built with Asp.Net core. I used CQRS a lot and it’s definitely a great pattern, it increase maintainability and organisation of your projet. If you like Domain Driven Design, it’s a great way to focus your development on domain representation & logic.

Slides are available on Speaker Deck here.

DevFest Paris 2019 – TypeScript: Why? When? How?


Last Friday (8th, February 2019), I talked about TypeScript at DevFest Paris 2019. This presentation is an updated version of the one I did at Microsoft Experiences 2018 with my mate Félix Billon.

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It was really a fantastic event with a lot of great speakers and topics. I met a lot of amazing developers. We also had a lot of interesting feedbacks on our session TypeScript: Why? When? How?. I really want to thank you all for that, it helps us to improve our speech! The speaker dinner was also a good time and it was the first time I shared a meal with some Google engineers 🙂

Slides can be find on Speaker Deck here.




Paris TypeScript #17 – Functional Programming with TypeScript


Yesterday, during Paris TypeScript meetup, I talked about Functional Programming with TypeScript.

It was an introduction on Functional Programming basic concepts and it’s definitely not a common topic in the TypeScript community, a lot of developers still using OOP only with the language. To be honest this talk wasn’t the easiest I made, because it was the first time I try to explain Functional Programming to other developers. But it was really intresting and I share a lot with other people on Functional Programming.

I really enjoy this paradigm and how it helps developer to implements safe piece of code in a software! That’s why I’m starting to talk about it 😉

As always my slides are available on Speaker Deck!

Programmez! #221 – TypeScript


IMG_20180903_105258The last issue of Programmez! magazine is out.

It contains the last part of my serie on TypeScript. It’s really a huge one with some complex concepts like: Modules, Promises, Async/Await and Decorators.

Of course it’s an overview, because it’s near impossible to write a deep dive article on those concepts in just 4 pages!

It’s was really a great experience and to be honest I really enjoyed it 🙂